The Snake Dreams are Back!!

Snake ShieldThe Snake Dreams are back again!!  When I was in my 20s, I was plagued by a series of recurring snake dreams.  In one set of these dreams, I would be some place that is suddenly overrun with snakes.  They would be everywhere.  There would be nowhere I could walk without stepping on them.  The dreams took place in different locales, usually outdoors, with different types of snakes, and different people, BUT all of these dreams totally freaked me out!  I often woke up from them drenched in sweat with my heart pounding. They lasted for several years; from the time that I lived on my own after university until I did a Vision Quest about 8 years later.

During this Vision Quest, which was organized and facilitated by a Shaman, I spent the night by myself in the woods of northern Ontario in a small lodge that I built out of green branches and blankets.  I sat in this little lodge all night long, through pouring rain, buzzing mosquitoes, and the quiet before dawn, praying for a vision, for guidance, for direction in my life.  At different points in the night, my mind was filled with the vision of snakes.  At one point, I was swallowed by a large snake.  At another point, a snake entered me through my womb and travelled up my spine and out through the top of my head.  Strangely, given my recurring snake nightmares, these visions did not terrify me.   The snakes in my vision were big, beautiful and powerful.  They left me feeling calm and centred. When I spoke to my Teacher about my experience, she told me that snakes represent many positive things; the power of the feminine; rebirth; kundalini energy that can energize the seven chakras.

The recurring snake dreams stopped after that as if the message had been received.  It has been more than 20 years since I have had one.  But this week, the snake dreams returned.  In this one, I am  in the outback of Australia, camping with my husband and a few other people when suddenly, it seemed, snakes that have black and bright white diamond patterns on them, are everywhere; on the ground, in puddles, in the water.  They are emerging out of the earth.  They cannot be avoided.  And they are potentially deadly.  There is no reprieve from them.  There is no choice; we have to keep travelling through them.  I woke up with my heart pounding once again.  I don’t know quite the dream means, but I know better than to ignore it!!

About kp

I am a woman and a mother, a sister and a wife. I have called myself a socialist and a feminist, an environmentalist and an activist, a pagan and an atheist. But, at this stage in my life, none of these labels feel right. I am searching; trying to find an inner calm; trying to make peace with life's disappointments; trying to answer the big questions in my own small life.
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14 Responses to The Snake Dreams are Back!!

  1. i hate recurring dreams. i hope they don’t plague for long and you can figure out the connection.

  2. Kim – dreams are powerful messages so wonderful that you are open to receive them.

  3. Oh, I just love dreams – and these are undoubtedly symbolic. Interesting that it coincides with this process of change for you, now that you have just started a new job? :)

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  5. Hi Kim!
    I flashed on the pattern on your snakes as an aboriginal symbol–just for a second saw them painted on rock walls. It’s interesting that they can’t be avoided–like something from the past-past is about to be born or realized. It sure will be interesting to see the messages from your dreams in these coming months! Thanks for sharing this dream and don’t worry. YOU are strong and powerful and whatever it means, you will swallow it whole and power on!
    Pam :)

    • kp says:

      I have been thinking about the rebirth angle…I left my job yesterday and am starting a new job in January…so that might fit?? I appreciate the assurances that I can swallow it!!! Love Kim

  6. Jess says:

    Whenever I have dreams of snake I usually have a profound spiritual experience soon after. I am looking forward to finding out what happens to you in the next few months :)

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